What's new in version 2014?


In short - version 2014 is our greatest release ever. It has more features, better performance, less clutter and is 100% modern.

Much faster

Improved text editor

Improved syntax highlighting

Improved Color Picker

Improved File Explorer

Improved Preview

Visual and eye-candy


Updated Find and Find in Files

Dynamic inline TODO support within projects

Better Project management

Usability improvements

Crash recovery system

Improved customizability

Support for mobile development

Supports CSS3 in great detail

CSS assistants

SASS and LESS support

New font window with Google font support

Modern HTML features

True portable mode (Rapid PHP & WeBuilder only)

Apache syntax highlighting and .htaccess file support (Rapid PHP & WeBuilder only)

Basic Python support (WeBuilder only)

Updated SQL features (Rapid PHP & WeBuilder only)


Many other fixes and smaller updates

Upgrade is easy and your old settings are saved

German, Russian versions are available

Works with Windows 8

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